Site Landmark _ Sagres, Portugal
International architecture competition (May 16, 2016 - September 24, 2016)

Jury members:
David O’Shea (Ireland) _ ODOS architects
Javier Castellano + Tomás García Píriz (Spain) _ CUAC ARQUITECTURA


1st Prize: LM16074 Pablo Ucendo, Joseba Gordo (Spain)
Jury’s remarks:
The true success of this project lies in the tension that is created between the
beautifully inscribed symmetrical manmade concrete world and the naturally rugged
landscape within and without. A beautiful composition and an unexpected find!
The proposal creates a new topographical relation to the context capable of linking
materiality, times and scales, incorporating the maritime horizon from primitive
protection afforded by earthworks strategies. The universal language, reinforced by
circular geometry, is able to take root in the specific reality of the place, which is a
geographical area characterized by the idea of limit and infinity.
Congratulations to the winners.
It is a project that understands the tensions of the place and the landscape provoking
an alternate journey where the user can have a new and sensitive experience to
connect with an amazing environment.

2nd Prize: LM16027 Andrés González-Meneses (Spain)
Jury’s remarks:
A beautiful journey through this manipulated natural terrain. The architects clever
shift in the datum and direction forces the user to experience the sheer scale and
power of the landscape around whilst keeping them guessing whats next? The well
balanced juxtapositions of cut landscape and fabricated interventions en route make
for some wonderfully crafted spaces.
Starting as a path, the proposal is able to alter its own geometry, cracking and sinking
as a strategy for adaptation. It faces the rationality of the stone carving of a sculptor
and the organic roughness conferred by wind erosion. This duality nature-artifice
creates a timeless relationship between sea, mountain, horizon and humankind.
It is an extraordinary project that understands how to intervene the landscape in a
very talented way in a context that no need nothing. It is a very friendly project where
the intention of the path is very clear and allows natural beauty do their work without
conflict with the architecture.

3rd Prize: LM16084 Marcello Galiotto, Alessandra Rampazzo (Italy)
Jury’s remarks:
Sculpturally beautiful, memorable, iconic, well crafted in plan and section and all of a
scale that is befitting to its context.
Using a mythological reference, the Greek idea of “the edge of the world”, it form
a series of interrelated milestones. Beyond the metaphors used to build a level
of security against the unknown, it has also the ability to establish a cartographic
reading of the territory: a mapping code with a third dimension.
The virtue of this project lies in the understanding to make a reference in the
landscape. Allowing the user to understand the territory in terms of its history and
contrast in a natural environment of a singular drama.

Honorable mentions
LM16011 Adrian Herrera Porcel, Aurora Maria Oset Cardenete (Spain)
LM16047 Kevin Larson, Isadora Panjaitan, Carlos Poemape, Nick Nagawicki (United States)
LM16062 Stella Fabbri, Lavinia Antichi, Sara Bitossi (Italy)
LM16003 Ludovica Franchetti Pardo, Gregorio Lacchio (Italy)
LM16018 Giacomo Tacchi, Gabriele Bonucci, Vieri Cardinali, Lorenzo Del Mastio (Italy)
LM16032 Martin Markl, Ricardo Medina (Austria)
LM16112 Laura Pastior, Maximilian Seibold (Germany)

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