Born in Reggio Calabria June 24th, 1986, she is currently enrolled in the Faculty of architecture of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria.
Her works are appreciated as well as enforcement techniques, especially for the themes and artistic personality. In her emerges a picture of daily life experiences that, through several inspirational moments, stimulate the imagination and stimulate the mind, configured in a pictorial research focused on existential and symbolic inalienable values.

AE: When did you realize that you wanted to be an architect?
Adriana: ... in fact I never understood! ... initially I submitted the application for civil engineering, then I did the test for admission to architecture, I came back among the "chosen ones" ... and there began the challenge!
... just out of high school I wanted to enroll in medicine before taking the psychiatry and there I realized I was wrong with high school! ... at age 13 is too young to understand their own vocations.
I certainly did not wrong to follow my passion as an artist! …remember when they gave me the colouring book and I promptly threw the colors and the shapes to fill it up with “pongo” !!!! ... as if it were a relief! ... as soon as I finished the work I turned the sheet and ... goodbye! ... sheets were attached!

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Born in Reggio Calabria June 24th, 1986, she is...


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