Do not post on the site arqoo projects that you are not the author. The protection of copyright also depends on your cooperation, this means that you must not publish material that you are not the author, images and photographs taken from other and texts not written by you.

Remember that the material you post on the site arqoo does not appear exclusively online but may be selected to be published by Architetti Emergenti Soc. Coop. , then pay attention to what you post. For this reason, before posting the material, we ask you to declare to be in possession of the copyrights of the images you want to publish. Both you and us, we must observe the national and international copyright standards and this practice is necessary to protect us and you from legal problems and protect the authors of images. For the same reason, please do not post pictures taken from websites, magazines, books, postcards or otherwise extorted from other publications.

If you purchased the pictures from a professional photographer you can usually use it for your private use but you can not grant these rights to third parties and therefore can not publish them on arqoo

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at web@arqoo.com we are here to help you!

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